What Keeps Us Connected on Our Dog Walks?

As a dog walker I’m pretty picky about the leashes I use.  When I first started my dog walking business I stocked up on supplies and purchased some extra dog leashes in case an owner forgot to leave one out for me.  The ones I purchased were the flat nylon leashes – big mistake!

Unfortunately the first time I used one of these nylon leashes it was with a very active dog who was a puller….as the leash cut through my hands I knew that I had to look for a different option.

Ruff Grip Dog Leash

I came across Ruff Grip dog leashes in a forum I was on.  I went to the website http://www.ruffgrip.com and read the information and the testimonials then ordered two of them.

I now only use my Ruff Grip leashes every day and on every dog walk, I love them.  They are strong, you can actually grip them without the leash pulling through your hands.  In the rain they still don’t slip!  I have two that I’ve used for hundreds and hundreds of dog walks and they are still going strong.

Because I love them so much that I wanted to share them with my dog walking clients so I wrote to the owner of Ruff Grip and she very kindly donated a Ruff Grip Leash which we then held a draw for.  Scout (pictured above) was our lucky winner!

If you’re looking for a great leash I really recommend that you try out the Ruff Grip Leashes!

As a dog walker this is a product I highly recommend!


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