Will We Let Your Dog Go Swimming When We Pet Sit With Them?

We love to see the dogs having fun and boy do they love to splash and play in the water.  As we don’t have a pool for them, we are constantly on the look out for safe swimming areas we can take them to on our dog walks or when we’re pet sitting with them.

One of the places where we’ve had good luck with is at Lawson Creek.  There’s a small beach area where the dogs can wade out, chase and splash each other.  We always ensure that we scope out the beach area and water to ensure there are no broken bottles or obvious hazards before we let the dogs go in for their swim.

We keep our client’s dogs secure with a long horse lunge line so we can reel them in if need be – not really, but we do always keep the dogs on a line.  The reason we prefer to use the horse lunge lines is because they’re thicker and softer than the typical long nylon lines for dogs sold at pet stores.  The lunge lines provide the dogs with lots of freedom so they are able to run, splash about and chase sticks.  We buy our lunge lines at SpruceWood Tack which is just located a few minutes outside of London in Arva  http://www.sprucewoodtack.com.

When we’re pet sitting or dog walking this is one of our favorite spots to hang out, especially on hot days.  Not only do we have access to the water, but there are also some great hiking trails in the bush so we can walk the dogs in cooler shady areas while we head to the river.  The dogs LOVE going here and once we’re out of the car they start doing their happy dance all the way to the water.

This location can be accessed off of Doncaster Ave.

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