Want to Know a Great Place to Walk Your Dog in London?

I thought I’d tell you why Komoka Provincial Park is one of my favorite trails for walking dogs.

A few years ago I was hiking the Komoka trails with my dog when I had an epiphany – I should be walking dogs for a living.  I had such a clear picture in my mind of walking down this very trail with two dogs and it was my job!  I could smell the fresh air, feel my pony tail swinging back and forth, and felt the shared happiness between me and the dogs I was walking.  Two years later my vision was a reality! I was a dog walker in London, Ontario.

I love these scenic trails as you can hike through forests, open fields, along side the river.  If you’re lucky you might just come across finaldpthe haunted tree (which you don’t want to find when you’re a little lost and it’s starting to get dark…but that’s a whole other story!).


In the summer the woods offer protection from the sun and some cooler hiking.  The trails are hard packed and you can go for a power walk or jog.  The river is a great place for the dogs to have a refreshing dip.  The fields are filled with butterflies, flowers and sometimes grazing deer.  The dogs love all the scents, sounds and sights and their tails seldom stop wagging.


In the fall the colours along the trail are stunning and you’re surrounded by the amazing scent of fallen leaves which slowly gives way to the smell of pine as you venture deeper into the woods.  The trail become a soft carpet of colourful leaves and the bare limbs of the trees opens up the view to the river which is simply beautiful.  We’ve done some fantastic fall walks with the dogs – they love it and we don’t have to worry about them becoming over-heated.


Komoka turns into a winter wonderland and typically we’re still able to hike the whole circuit.  The dog’s love running though the snow and up and down the trails.  Beautiful ice formations develop on tree roots near the river and everything looks so clean and fresh.  Typically I’ll wear YakTraxs on my boots for better traction.  You’ll need to make sure the trails haven’t thawed and refrozen into rough ice which can be a problem for the dogs.

Lucy sniffing flowerSpring

Early spring is not the best.  For some reason many people don’t think they need to pick up after their dogs in the winter.  Not sure why, but it can be very unpleasant when the snow starts to melt and all those little piles come into view.  It can also be very slippery and mucky, the dogs don’t mind but it’s a big clean up job before they can even go back in the car.

Normally I won’t hit the trail until the late spring.  By then it’s like a fairy land with all the plants coming back to life – so green and fresh with spring flowers starting to bloom, and of course the dogs love all the spring scents and sights.


Many people let their dogs off leash and will allow their dogs to get way ahead of them.  you’ll need to be aware of this especially if your dog is not too keen on other dogs.

There have been break-ins in the parking lot – my car being one of them!  Don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle.  I typically leave my glove box and arm rest compartment open so they can see there is nothing of value in the car.

There are some wet spots and your dog will come back dirty – bring a towel!

Aside from this, Komoka Park is one of my favorite places and I hope you go dog walking there – your dog will love it!


Follow Baseline Rd. West out of Byron and follow it out of town for 2-3 kilometers. Look to the left for the park sign which you will come to before reaching the town of Killworth.

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