Possible Reactions From Your Dog When Your Dog Walker Comes In for Their First Visit

Many times we may only meet your dog once prior to you hiring us to walk your dog.  The reactions we get when we come in for the first time to take your dog walking are varied.

First Time Reactions

The “Who Let You In” Reaction12

The dog, slightly concerned says, “Who let you in?  I’m not sure who you are, I’m not sure why you’re here?   Hmmmm….have you got treats?  I think I smell treats….OH…I do smell a treat!  Ok, so what are we doing….what?  We’re going for a walk, you got treats, you got the leash?  Ok lets go!”







whiteThe “Where’s My Mom and Dad” Reaction

The dog, is scared and may give a few little barks, “Mom, dad there’s somebody in the house, mom? dad? where are you?”  A few more little barks and whines, “mom, dad….wait…something smells good, something smells reeeeeally good, wait, what, did I hear walk, you wanna take me for a walk?  Mom, I’m going for a walk.”







The “Yay She’s Here, She’s Here” ReactionShe's here

This seems to happen a lot in a two dog family.  We open the door a crack and two noses stick out and start sniffing, then the fun starts. Yay, she’s here, she’s here, we’re doing for a walk, we’re going for  a walk!.”  Dog two, who by now is doing the happy dance without really knowing why says, “Do you know who she is?”  Dog one says, “who cares, go grab the leashes, we’re going for a walk yay!”







big eyesThe “I  Don’t Think You’re Going to Hurt, Me Are You” Reaction

This reaction always gets to me as these dogs are so trusting.  You go into the house, and the dog typically is a little startled.  The dog looks at you with those big eyes and a little wag of the tail and says, “I don’t think you’re going to hurt me, I’m a little afraid, but if you say we’re going for a walk I’ll go and not cause any trouble.”   They may look a little sheepish and say, “I think I peed a little….I’m sorry.”  They then will promptly roll over for a tummy rub and we’re the best of buddies.



The “You’re Not Allowed To Be Here” Reaction

not to be here

Surprisingly this reaction happens rarely, but it’s like this.  We open the door  crack, a little nose (it’s always the little ones) sticks out, sniffs, retreats and very loud frantic barking starts, ” You need to leave, this is not your house, I’m going to scare you away!”

At this point, as dog walkers, we’ll need to assess the situation to make sure it’s safe. If so, armed with the best smelling treats, we’ll slide in sideways without making direct eye contact and start praying that our never fail dog treats will serve us well once more.  We’ll toss a few treats to the dog and wait, and wait and wait.  By this time the dog is saying, “out, get out, treat?, get out, treat?…treat?…ok, you can stay but I’ll need more treats”.  After several minutes have passed they say, “ok, I’ll go for a walk, but it’s going to cost you a lot of treats to win me over.”


Day Two Reactions

Yay, she’s here, she’s here, YAY we’re going for a walk, we’re going for a dog walk!



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