For The Love Of Dogs – by Wendy Van Gaalen

When life is at its peak level of craziness – running here, running there, doing all the things we need to do, all the things we forgot to do, and all the things we think we should do but don’t really want to – if you live with a dog, or better yet several dogs, it only takes a moment to stop and see how easy it truly is to enjoy life by watching them. I am often stopped in the midst of doing things by my three dogs, Banjo, the thinker, the watcher, the protector; Hobbes, the hunter, the clown, the cute little guy; and Cooper, the goofy, smiley, easygoing, sloppy big guy. When I stop to take notice, I catch Banjo rolling contentedly in the fresh morning grass. I see Hobbes, in stealth mode, silently waiting to see if he will get the chance to chase the birds away from the pond, and Cooper, the consummate Labrador retriever, has his eye surreptitiously on the breakfast preparations.  Sometimes I catch all three basking in an afternoon sun patch. Who doesn’t love napping in the warmth of the sun?


My dogs really know how to live in the moment and remind me of that daily as they go about their day in their doggy ways. In a time when life can be overwhelming and fraught with anxiety my dogs keep me grounded. They help me see the value in simplicity and keeping it real – going with the flow. They also show me the joys of being outdoors and the adventures to be had surrounded by nature.


So for the love of dogs, and the love they give unconditionally to me, I strive to make sure that they always have opportunities to do the things that keep them healthy in body, mind and spirit – daily walks, car rides, special trips to the dog park, social outings, playtime, rest and relaxation. And food! Don’t forget the food!  Right Cooper?


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