Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting & Pet Transportation

Two of the most important advantages of using a professional pet sitter are your pet’s state of mind and your peace of mind knowing that your pet is being loved and cared for in their own home.

Some animals will do just fine while at a boarding kennel, but this may not always be the best decision for you or for your pet.  An animal that is stressed is not only unhappy but can quickly become unhealthy.  As animals are creatures of habit; an interruption of their routines may be too disruptive for your pet and could result in them not eating, drinking or eliminating properly.

As an alternative to boarding, Your Dog’s Coach provides professional pet sitting services.  Your pet is able to remain in a familiar surrounding where we maintain their normal routine as closely as possible.  If your pet likes to have specific treats, or has a habit of hiding their treats under the bed for a snack later, they are able to continue with their usual routines helping them maintain a calm state of mind and reducing their stress when you are away from home.

Monty in his bed

Your Dog’s Coach is able to administer required medications with the exception of medications that require injections.   We’ll be happy to bring in your mail, water your indoor plants and rotate lights left on – all those things that help make your house looked lived in while you’re away.We’ll “assist” your pet in sending you emails and photos from home while you’re away.  We’ll also add a few notes of our own to update you on how your pet is doing!

Dog Sitting

  • Dog Sitting– 30  minute visits, typically in the AM and the PM (you may wish an additional visit) your dog will go for their walk and bathroom break, they’ll be fed and provided with fresh water, they’ll get lots of back scratches, tummy rubs, play and love!
  •  In-Your-Home Overnight Sitting-live in care from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am so they’ll have company all night long, in the AM and the PM they’ll go for a 30 minute walk, they’ll be provided with fresh water and fed.  They’ll also get a bathroom break later in the day between 4:00 – 6:00 pm.  During the time we spend with them they’ll get lots of back scratches, tummy rubs, play and love!
  • Regular Puppy Breaks– this would include taking your puppy out for their bathroom break, play time and cuddles – 30 minutes.

Cat Sitting

  • 30 minute visits – fresh food and water, clean litter box, lots of play and love!

Pet Transportation

Veterinarian/Groomer Appointments– this would need to be arranged around our schedule. Includes pickup and drop off at your home.