Dog Walks

Initial Consultation

During our free consultation we’ll discuss the needs of your pet and any concerns you may have.  We require copies of your dog’s vaccination records, verification that your dog is licensed and is on a flea treatment program.  We’ll need the name and phone number of your veterinarian and details on your pet: their likes/dislikes, food allergies, and current level of exercise, etc. Access to your home – if you aren’t home at the time of your dogs outing you’ll need to provide us with a key or access code, which will be kept secure and confidential.  We must be provided with a key as we don’t accept keys that may be accessible to someone else i.e. such as a key left under a mat or flower pot.  This policy is put in place to insure the utmost security with the client’s best interests in mind.


Together we’ll work on a plan to design your dog’s walks to ensure we provide the level of exercise they require.  If your dog is out of shape and not used to exercising we’ll start the program at an easy pace and build on it as their fitness level progresses.  We can provide a 30 minute walk, or a 45 minute walk. Please note that the times listed also allow for the drying off of wet paws and fur as required.  In very hot or extreme weather these walks may be modified for the safety of your dog, which we’ll discuss during the initial consultation.

Trail Hikes

To keep it interesting and fun for the dogs, we offer a 60 minute trail hike (weather permitting). Please note that the times listed also allow for the drying off of wet paws and fur as required.  This walk is for dogs that require a little more exercise as we’ll be going up and down hills, jumping logs, and with the owner’s permission, going for a dip in the river – your dog that is – hopefully not us!  Leashes are used at all times.   For the swims your dog will be put on a longer leash so they can get in a little paddle to cool down in the summer heat.

Please note:  While on the trails we are in a tighter space where we may encounter other visitors, such as other dogs, hikers, runners, bicyclists and sometimes wildlife, so your dogs must be social and comfortable with the above distractions.

On the 45 minute walks and trail hikes, Your Dog’s Coach will be providing fresh drinking water.

Any Dog Requiring a Muzzle In the hot weather your dog would only be walked early in the day or later in the evening when the temperatures have cooled as a muzzle may restrict their ability to pant and properly cool themselves down.

Dog/Human Aggressive Dogs If you have a dog that is aggressive towards other animals or humans please consider obtaining assistance from a professional dog trainer.  We would be more than happy to work with your trainer if this is the case; if you don’t have a trainer we can work together to find a trainer you’re comfortable with.  Situations such as these are determined on a case by case basis where we access the dog’s level of aggression.  We must take into account our own safety as well as the safety of your dog and those it may come into contact with.